March 4, 2024


The EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) has actually had a damaging impact on woodlands until now, however many thanks to the European Green Deal, this can alter. Right currently, there is a significant chance to make certain that the EU power legislation adds to, instead of undermines, the EU’s environment and also biodiversity objectives.

The EU assistance for bioenergy has actually considerably boosted the burning of woodland biomass and also farming plants for power, triggering various troubles for the environment, for wild animals, and also for individuals that rely upon woodlands. Billions of Euros in aids have actually been invested in phony sustainable remedies such as maintaining old coal-burning nuclear power plant choosing biomass instead of designating the cash to cleaner options such as wind and also solar.

Burning key woody biomass commonly enhances discharges for years or perhaps centuries contrasted to coal, however discharges have to be lowered and also eliminated today.

Most EU biofuels made use of for transportation not just damages food safety and security however are even worse for the environment than nonrenewable fuel sources, and also the expanding EU need for plants like hand oil or soy is driving logging.

The European Commission is anticipated to suggest modifications to the RED in July 2021, and also these will certainly after that be checked out by the European Parliament and alsoCouncil

With our statement of principles, Birdlife Europe, Greenpeace, BRUSH, Transport & & Environment, NRDC, PFPI and also Client Earth explain the existing remedies and also what requires to occur for the EU to produce a science-aligned bioenergy plan that Europeans can sustain and also the globe can adhere to.

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