July 21, 2024


The European Commission is readied to launch its brand-new woodland approach on 20 July, and also the European commercial forestry entrance hall is pressing difficult for it to concentrate on their slim temporary economic passions. The witnessed organisations contact the Commission to stand solid and also make sure the Strategy indicates a change in the direction of nature defense and also activity to take on the environment dilemma.

European woodlands remain in an alarming state

Increased harvesting and also apparent indicate that Europe’s woodlands are taking in 15 percent much less co2 than they were twenty years earlier. And points are becoming worse. Healthy biodiverse woodlands are being changed by monocultures: a location bigger than Greece (14.5 million hectares) is currently covered by tree-plantations. If present monitoring techniques proceed, by 2050 the EU woodland sink will certainly be cut in half.

But it’s not simply nature that’s suffering.

The Forest Strategy might stop such damage and also also transform it about, yet the woodland sector entrance hall appears bent on making certain that this does not take place. Following the leakage of the draft woodland approach, their intense lobbying has actually seen them reach saying that activity on woodlands might sustain anti-EU unsupported claims and also nationalism! But in truth, current surveys have actually revealed that European people are determined to see an end to their woodlands being well-defined or eliminated as a result of mismanagement and also the environment dilemma. The absence of openness over exactly how woodland monitoring choices are made has actually additionally stimulated debate and also demonstrations in lots of Member States (see instances listed below). Time and also once more the EU has actually vowed to be environment leaders and also yet developed woodland monitoring is damaging biodiversity and also minimizing our capability to get to EU and also worldwide environment objectives. The Commission consequently requires to form a woodland plan that will certainly help nature, the environment and also areas.

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The Forest Strategy is the essential chance to do this. The Commission might utilize it to open EU decision-making on woodlands to ensure that EU people really feel a lot more included. It should position biodiversity at its core, and also consist of clear binding targets to evaluate development in the direction of higher sustainability.

To make sure the Forest Strategy assists accomplish the EU’s worldwide dedications it must:

  • Include brand-new efforts to finish poor sector techniques and also resolve the motorists of logging.
    The Strategy can not incentivise extensive woodland monitoring and also boosted harvesting for the bio-economy and also at the very same time accomplish environment and also biodiversity goals. A concentrate on separating gathered timber items will certainly not do anything to fix market failings like permitting eco-friendly aids to urge unsafe woodland bioenergy.
  • Set binding targets to recover biodiversity in taken care of woodlands with favorable motivations for woodland proprietors to provide on clear eco-friendly criteria.
    Many accreditation plans do not concentrate on resolving the origin of unsustainable techniques. They are not solid sufficient for weak woodland legislations and also bad administration, thus the requirement for binding targets. The Strategy must advertise close-to-nature monitoring, not restrict biodiversity objectives to secured locations.
  • Mandate EU-wide Forest Management Plans with usual signs and also reporting criteria
    If the EU had equivalent info throughout EU woodlands they would certainly have the ability to check development in the direction of woodland remediation objectives. The EU currently obtains a photo of destruction in secured locations, yet the Strategy must call for Member States to send out in the bigger information that they are currently putting together yet not yet sharing.
  • Use satellite information to create yearly control panels on EU forestry.
    Expert functioning teams, consisting of EU Member State reps are creating requirements on much less extensive woodland monitoring and also mapping and also safeguarding old-growth woodlands. These might be more powerful if notified by regular surveillance making use of real-time information and also cross-referencing with information from the ground.
  • Create an EU professional team with wide stakeholder depiction to talk about EU woodland efforts.
    The experienced team needs to consist of Member State reps from pertinent ministries, civil culture, Indigenous Peoples (European and also nationwide), academics and also forestry stars. There must be an open area for civil culture to increase issues and also Member State discussions to question EU woodland plan.
  • Revise the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and also the Land Use, Land Use Change and also Forestry (LULUCF) Regulation.
    The Strategy additionally requires to pay very close attention to various other EU plans that in its present type have negative environment and also biodiversity influences. The EU needs to additionally take into consideration brand-new regulations to develop EU binding remediation targets.
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