June 10, 2024


With their feline fangs and fur of evening, Lestat and Laszlo will hang-out your desires.

You gained’t be fraught with fright although. Oh goodness no, these little vampurrs and their mischief-making will go away you stuffed with pleasure and light-weight as a result of they’re simply too cute!

But these brothers nearly didn’t get the possibility to stalk the evening collectively at their without end residence as little Lestat battled sickly beginnings. Thanks to rescue and foster magic although, Lestat and Laszlo are actually robust and collectively furever with their devoted minions, in any other case referred to as their loving household. Rescued by Orphan Kitten Club of San Diego, the boys had been a part of a preemie litter fostered by FostersXYZ. In the care of their foster mother, Yige, the litter obtained fabric-inspired names. The boys had been identified first as Denim and Corduroy, however now they’ve change into the catpires referred to as Lestat and Laszlo.


Corduroy grew to become Laszlo, named for vampire Laszlo of FX’s What We Do within the Shadows.

And Denim grew to become Lestat, in honor of probably the most iconic figures in vampire lore. But the journey to his without end residence was a tricky one. Brother Laszlo made certain he obtained there.

Tiny Vampurr Struggles for Life

When Lestat, Laszlo, and the remainder of their litter had been born too early, their mom disappeared. This can imply demise for new child kittens, however assist got here operating in a rush. As one of many Satellite Nursery Coordinators for Orphan Kitten Club, Yige knew these kittens had been in dire straits and the following couple of days would imply all the things of their battle to reside. While all of the kittens wanted assist, considered one of them was in deep trouble as he was nonetheless lined in afterbirth and by no means tended by his mom in any respect.

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Yige described child Denim to be “chilly, limp and barely aware.”


On Instagram, she shared, “I put him on a heating disk instantly and put my arms over his physique to heat him up. When he began to change into extra alert after about 20 minutes, I felt secure sufficient to make the journey residence.”

The subsequent week was tense, with little Denim displaying little indicators of enchancment regardless of life help measures and a feeding tube, however he was making an attempt as exhausting as his tiny physique would permit. Yige advised Love Meow, “He was the hardest little fighter. During that first week, I stayed up with him each evening as a result of I used to be afraid that I’d lose him if I went to sleep.”


The vet suspected Denim had sepsis and this excessive response to an infection “is the primary reason behind demise in neonatal kittens.”


A Brother’s Love

But Yige wasn’t alone in her vigil over Denim. Brother Corduroy was at all times holding an eye fixed out, even in moments feared to be the worst. “Corduroy would come over and nudge Denny’s limp little physique and his coronary heart charge would return up immediately.”


And instantly, his vampire magic kicked in and tiny Denim come Lestat made a flip for the higher when he lastly hit triple grams on the size! Not solely was Yige proud, so was Denim’s protecting brother. Yige shared a young second she had the pleasure of witnessing. “Cordy made his approach over and gently put his arm round his brother as if to say ‘I’m happy with you buddy, you made it.’”

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She knew when it was time for the boys to be adopted, these bonded brothers would must be collectively at all times. “Cordy has been Denny’s unwavering protector since day one.”


Quirky Fur for a Catpire Kitten

Like his mini-panther littermates, Denim started life as a black kitten. But the sepsis prompted a quirk in his fur coloring. Denim developed a fever coat, which often occurs to kittens when their mom develops extreme sickness throughout her being pregnant. But in Denim’s case, his darkish fur pale to smoke because of the trauma of his personal sickness as a preemie kitten.



But as a contented kitten rising towards maturity in his new residence, little Denim has misplaced his fever coat, finishing his transition into Lestat the vampurr. Brother Corduroy turned Laszlo remains to be by his aspect and collectively the pair stalk the home, terrorizing their minions with hugs and purrs!


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