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Two kitties are so satisfied to have actually located each various other, and also expect a desire house with each other.

best friends kittens

Q-tip and also Tina are ideal of good friendsPenny Richards

Quentin (Q-tip) and also Tarantina (Tina), 2 3-week-old kitties, went across courses when they were saved together with 24 various other kitties by Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) in Arlington, Virginia.

They coincided age and also dimension, and also both required a pal. When they were paired in foster treatment, they instantaneously clicked as if they had actually constantly been brother or sisters. Penny Richards, a foster volunteer of AWLA, invited them right into her house a week later on.

“Quentin (a blue colorpoint) was a huge infant, and also he definitely declined to discourage. He would certainly chew out me for his container. Meanwhile, Tina (a tabby) had actually been consuming from a dish for some time,” Penny informed Love Meow.

They are not from the exact same clutter however share a cute bondPenny Richards

Q-tip has a queen perspective considering that the day he established paw in his foster house. He appreciates the business of his individuals and also never ever thinks twice to inform them noisally what he desires.

“He is extremely caring and also frequently purrs, and also enjoys to snuggle on your lap, however he desires every one of your focus constantly. He chews out me if I quit cuddling him when he gets on my lap.”

standing kitten, blue colorpoint cat

Q-tip has lots of sass and also perspectivePenny Richards

His unchecked power abrades on his sibling from one more mister, and also with each other they develop all type of shenanigans, cracking the whip. “When he’s not snuggling, he’s running about like a wild kid with his friend, Tarantina.”

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The 2 share an extremely unique bond and also have actually been signed up with at the hip considering that the minute they located each various other. “Their power is so well matched, and also their characters enhance each various other,” Penny informed Love Meow.

snuggly roaring kitten

RawrPenny Richards

“Quentin would definitely battle as a solo kittycat, however Tina is whatever he requires in a buddy.”

They do almost whatever with each other– snuggling, demanding focus, and also battling each other prior to losing consciousness in a snooze with each other.

fluffy kitten blue colorpoint

Penny Richards

Q-tip has a ravenous hunger and also is an actual food fan. “He might just consume completely dry food, however that young boy would certainly shield it with his life. When his larger foster good friends were still right here, he would certainly exist his entire body throughout the dish and also grumble at anybody that risked ahead near his food!”

Watch both buddies in this charming video clip:

Best good friends – foster trip


Tina is a small lady with a magnificent individuality, and also Q-tip is a singing young boy that will not take no for a solution. They make a vibrant duo, companions in mischievousness.

Both kitties like lap time with their peoplePenny Richards

“Tina is an enjoyable, independent girl that suches as ahead over for some head scrapes and also enjoys to perch on my feet. And after that Quentin, ‘disorderly power’, is a wild flight,” Penny shown Love Meow.

lap kitten

Penny Richards

“Quentin will certainly require to go house with Tina in order to stop him from going full-on ‘solo kittycat disorder’. His hair is just going to obtain longer, and also will certainly need normal upkeep– everyday cleaning to prevent floor coverings accumulating in his hair.”

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Best of good friendsPenny Richards

The sibling and also sibling from various moms are enjoying their VIP life as ruined interior felines. They can not wait to locate an unique household to share their gladly ever before after with each other.

They are trying to find their permanently home with each otherPenny Richards

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