May 18, 2024


Quick Facts

  • Weight: 48– 66 extra pounds (21.77– 29.94 kg)
  • Height: 21– 25 inches (53.34– 63.50 centimeters)

The Look of a Vizsla

Vizslas are smooth, good-looking, medium-sized pet dogs covered simply put, gold brownish layers. Their wide, clean-cut heads have actually tapered muzzles, brownish noses as well as unique lines down the temple. Their smooth ears hang near the cheek, as well as their eyes mix with their rusty-gold layer shades. They have long, muscle necks that incline to wide shoulders, deep breasts as well as brief backs. Their tails, generally anchored at the midway mark, are brought straight. Overall, Vizslas have a refined yet durable appearance.


  • Energetic
  • Curious
  • Loyal
  • Gentle
  • Affectionate

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active, flashy kinds
  • Families
  • Joggers as well as walkers
  • Experienced pet dog trainers

What They Are Like to Live With

Vizslas are mild, energised pet dogs that develop solid bonds with their family members. In reality, Vizslas have actually been recognized to follow their proprietors around your home … throughout the day. They like to stir as well as play– often at lively degrees– yet they quickly adjust to domesticity as well as agree everyone. They are specifically excellent with youngsters.

Though connected to their proprietors, Vizslas are usually pleasant with other individuals as well as pet dogs. They look out to activities as well as seems around your home, certainly, yet they do not make the very best guard dogs.

Vizsla proprietors can anticipate a specific quantity of tomfoolery around your home. These pooches have some eccentric routines, like jumping onto laps, excavating huge openings in the lawn as well as swiping treats. Also, watch on your preferred footwear: They are infamous chewers.

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Things You Should Know

Vizslas require appropriate training from a very early age. Without it, they can be shy, quick-tempered as well as rather rowdy. With company, consistent instructions, Vizslas will certainly be a lot easier to take care of. They likewise prosper on interest: Make certain they obtain great deals of high quality “face time” as well as love.

These pet dogs may be as well huge as well as energetic for apartment or condo living. They can quickly really feel constrained in tiny rooms. Ideally, Vizslas must have long, everyday strolls as well as the periodic possibility to run the chain. Without sufficient workout, they can go a little batty. If you’re a jogger or walker, take your Vizsla along– they have lots of endurance to maintain you encouraged.

A healthy and balanced Vizsla can live as long as 15 years. Generally healthy and balanced, some can create hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hemophilia as well as skin allergic reactions. The Vizsla’s smooth layer is extremely simple to bridegroom, requiring just the periodic cleaning to maintain its shiny shine.

Vizsla History

The Vizsla– likewise called the Hungarian Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer– came down from old searching pet dogs had by Magyars that cleared up in Hungary centuries back. The ideal searching pet dog for Hungary’s farming lands, these pet dogs fasted, smart as well as mindful. They likewise had an exceptional feeling of scent. Recent crossbreeding with the Weimaraner as well as the German Shorthaired Pointer produced the wiry as well as polished variation we see today.

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