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You preserve your Kitty indoors always. Then you get a name out of your vet — she examined optimistic for worms and fleas.

You suppose, “Really? Can an indoor cat get fleas and worms? How is that this doable?”

The unhealthy information is that even an indoor solely cat can get fleas and worms, says Dr. Travis Arndt, the medical director of Animal Medical Center of Mid-America.

“[Fleas and worms] do influence a cat’s high quality of life,” says. Dr. Arndt.

Dr. Arndt discusses every part you must learn about indoor cats, fleas and worms.

How can indoor cats get fleas and worms?

Though indoor cats are safe indoors, they will nonetheless not directly get uncovered to outside components. Not to pile on the cat-parent guilt, however people are sometimes guilty for indoor cat flea issues.

“They’ll hitchhike on folks and canine,” says Dr. Arndt, noting that there’s a selected flea, the cat flea, that notably likes to feed on kitties.

Dr. Arndt has additionally seen points with flea infestations in residence complexes.

“If there’s an residence a few doorways down [from the flea infestation], the fleas will depart one space, migrate and go to the residence with a cat,”  he says.

Sometimes, fleas can begin a ripple impact that additionally results in worms.

“Fleas are additionally the middleman host for tapeworm,” says Dr. Arndt.

Dogs and people are additionally middleman hosts for worms, as are any new cats you deliver into the house.

“That kitten might have an intestinal parasite,” says Dr. Arndt. “Then the cat will get uncovered from grooming the kitten or the litter field.”

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What are the dangers of fleas and worms in an indoor cat

Quality of life is the largest concern vets have about cats with fleas and worms.

“Their pores and skin will turn into uncooked from the flea bites and might result in secondary infections,” Dr. Arndt says. “They’ll turn into depressing.”

Fleas aren’t usually deadly, although they will trigger anemia, which might be lethal, notably in kittens.

Worms aren’t enjoyable, both.

“It robs the cats of vitamins,” Dr. Arndt says. “It can result in gastrointestinal points.  Roundworms and hookworms may be transferred to folks.”

can indoor cats get fleas

We can’t defend our feline associates from every part, however one easy step can assist indoor cats from getting fleas. Photo: deimagine/Getty Images

How to inform in case your indoor cat has fleas or worms?

Indoor cats can get fleas and worms, however understanding the indicators can assist forestall these points from changing into greater issues.

“The cat [with fleas] goes to be excessively grooming, particularly the areas round their rump,” Dr. Arndt says. “You’ll see quick, damaged hair and red-inflamed pores and skin, bald patches and scabs.”

Symptoms of worms embrace diarrhea, vomiting and bother gaining weight. Tapeworm might current across the cat’s rear or in stool.

How to eliminate fleas on cats

Dr. Arndt suggests calling the vet instantly in the event you suspect your indoor cat has fleas or worms. Your cat’s physician can prescribe a medicine to nix the issue. He encourages folks to not spring for over-the-counter cures with out contacting the vet first.

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“Most folks overestimate how a lot remedy to present,” he says.

Also, not all worms are handled the identical, so it’s necessary to get a correct prognosis first.

Even in the event you don’t suppose your indoor cat has fleas or worms, it’s finest to have an annual parasite and fecal take a look at yearly.

“That means, if they’ve any intestinal parasites, you’ll be able to deal with it shortly,” Dr. Arndt says.

How to stop fleas and worms in your indoor cat

You can’t defend your feline buddy from every part, however one easy step can scale back your indoor cat’s threat of getting fleas or worms.

“Set up an excellent parasite safety program together with your veterinarian,” Dr. Arndt says. “There are month-to-month and every-other-month remedies to guard in opposition to fleas and worms.”

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