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One of our CatTime readers has a cat who likes to playfully chunk, and he or she wonders if cat bites are harmful. She writes: 

Dear Tabby, 

I’ve a cat that likes to playfully nip my hand, however typically the bites get a bit too onerous. We try to work on correcting the habits, however I used to be questioning — are cat bites harmful?

Luckily my cat hasn’t damaged the pores and skin together with her enamel but, however I’ve heard cat bites could be very critical. A good friend of mine mentioned he bought tetanus from a cat chunk as soon as.

If I’m bitten severely by my cat, ought to I be frightened? What type of first support ought to I do know to deal with the wound?


Cat Harm On My Palm — Emergency Response

Dear Tabby Has The Answer!

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Well C.H.O.M.P.E.R., I’m glad you might be engaged on nipping the biting within the bud as a result of cat bites, particularly to the hand, usually are critical.

In truth, a surprising 80 % of cat bites to the hand, even those who don’t bleed, change into contaminated. The hand is among the worst locations to get bitten as a result of the tendons and joints are so near the floor of the pores and skin and could be more durable to deal with if micro organism will get into the wound.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says {that a} cat chunk may even result in everlasting incapacity if not handled correctly.

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Let’s get the scariest statistics and negative effects out of the way in which, first. Even although canine are liable for 60 to 90 % of bites from pets, cat bites are twice as more likely to change into contaminated since they puncture deep with their sharp enamel, injecting micro organism additional into the wound.

In the United States, about 400,000 cat bites happen yearly with 66,000 requiring a visit to the emergency room.

Three out of 4 chunk infections are due to a micro organism known as Pasteurella Multocida discovered within the mouths of cats and canine which may trigger cellulitis if it goes untreated. Most individuals get well from cellulitis, however whether it is extreme sufficient it may possibly unfold within the physique and be life-threatening.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

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Here are the worst case eventualities as a result of I’m positive you’re simply dying to know.

Infections within the hand can destroy cartilage and stop your fingers from transferring sooner or later. Chronic an infection can destroy joints and bones and result in amputation. The micro organism can unfold to the remainder of the physique and trigger sepsis.

Other uncommon problems that solely often happen when the immune system is compromised embrace bone or coronary heart infections and meningitis. And after all, rabies, tetanus, and quite a lot of transmittable illness can happen if the cat is a stray or not acquainted to you.

It wouldn’t damage to verify your tetanus shot is updated. I additionally know somebody who bought tetanus from a cat chunk.

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Stay Calm And Focus On Prevention

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Do you are feeling higher figuring out the worst that may occur? Probably not, however don’t shun cats as terrifying, bitey beasties simply but. Four out of 5 bites to anyplace on the physique don’t require a lot medical consideration, and the hand is only a significantly problematic place to be bitten.

You can scale back your danger of being bitten in any respect by understanding why cats chunk within the first place, together with their looking and play instincts.

Avoid selecting up or reaching for cats you don’t know, particularly strays. Look for indicators of hysteria or stress in your cat and concentrate.

If you do get a chunk, at all times wash it completely, irrespective of the place in your physique it happens or how deep the wound goes.

How To Treat A Cat Bite

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Here are some first support suggestions for coping with a chunk. Wash the wound with delicate cleaning soap and rinse with working water. Pat it dry and apply antibiotic ointment earlier than masking it with a clear bandage. Put some ice on it to cut back swelling, put stress on the wound, and elevate it.

Get to a physician as quickly as potential. Because of the probability of an infection from cat bites particularly, it is best to at all times see a physician for these sorts of wounds.

You’ll probably be placed on an antibiotic routine, and relying on while you final bought your tetanus shot or in case your physician thinks a rabies shot is important, you might be in for a spherical of vaccinations.

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Don’t Panic

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The major factor to recollect, C.H.O.M.P.E.R., is to not panic. If you deal with the wound rapidly and provides it the medical consideration it deserves, it’s unlikely that you just’ll have any critical problems.

Being ready for a chunk is a part of being a accountable cat mother or father, and as cat lovers we’ll simply carry on showering our fur infants with reward and adoration whether or not they nip or not.

Love isn’t having to say your sorry, and we don’t count on any apologies from our feline companions.

Does your cat ever provide you with a playful chunk? Have you ever needed to deal with a cat chunk wound? Let us know within the feedback under!

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