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Through the years, I have actually quit as well as gotten numerous, numerous shed pet dogs as I was out running tasks. Although each was ultimately rejoined with their family members, dealing with the pet dogs included every little thing from examining their ID tags to filling them in the auto to taking them by the veterinarian’s workplace for an integrated circuit check. Fortunately I never ever encountered a pet dog that attacked me in anxiety.

But that’s not constantly the instance. Handling scared– or hurt– pets places worried family pet fans in danger of hazardous attacks as well as damages. Whether you are assisting a shed pet– or clipping your very own pet’s nails, helping feral pet cats or saving wild animals, hands as well as arms are constantly in danger of injury.

Because of this, I was extremely interested when I read about the brand-new SHIELD ® hand handwear covers Developed by a vet, these form-fitting, cleanable handwear covers are created to offer the convenience, mastery as well as security required to securely limit as well as deal with pets– as well as safeguard the user from fingertips right approximately joints!

ArmOR gloves for handling dogs, designed by a veterinarian

Who Needs Protective Gloves– as well as Why

“Being a veterinarian is just one of the leading 10 most hazardous work, as well as I can vouch for that after enduring attacks from a client as well as the resulting infection that called for comprehensive surgical procedure as well as physical treatment to restore correct feature of my hand,” statesDr Laura Catena, vet, creator as well as head of state of SHIELD Hand Gloves.

“After that experience I determined to create a risk-free as well as reliable handwear cover that permits correct pet restriction method with the remarkable versatility as well as mastery the handwear covers offer.”

Dr Catena advises added hand security for:

  • specialist pet caretakers
  • rescue volunteers
  • family pet proprietors
  • wild animals rehabbers
  • groomers as well as others

How SHIELD Works

I discovered the SHIELD handwear covers very simple to make use of … simply draw them on like dishwashing handwear covers. As quickly as they get on, nonetheless, you understand that these are sturdy, high quality safety handwear covers– made with both Kevlar ® as well as stretchCordura A set supplies security from the suggestions of the fingers to the joints.

In all, the handwear covers include 30 items, giving additional security on one of the most prone locations consisting of hands as well as fingertips.

Elastic wrists guarantee a great suitable for boosted flexibility while the rubber fingertips offer better restriction control. (And see listed below for the 2nd design of SHIELD Gloves with 3 open fingertips for in-depth job.)

The handwear covers are maker cleanable as well as can be cleaned to aid stop zoonotic as well as contagious illness transmission.

Styles of SHIELD Gloves

ArmOR gloves for handling dogs, cats, wildlife

SHIELD handwear covers can be found in 2 designs– as well as 5 dimensions per design. I chose The Original Animal Handling Glove (MSRP $150), which provides full hand as well as arm insurance coverage.

If you require to do in-depth work with your pet dogs that places you in danger– whether that’s clipping nails, carrying out liquids or cleansing ears–The Procedure Palpation Glove (MSRP $150) is an exceptional alternative. Just like the Original Animal Handling Glove in regards to hand as well as arm insurance coverage, the Procedure Palpation handwear cover subjects the very first 3 fingers of each hand so you can have the mastery to do in-depth job.

Using SHIELD Gloves with Wildlife

Along with having the handwear covers readily available in instance I was dealing with a roaming pet or feral feline, I was additionally curious about the handwear covers for usage with wild animals. Our normal visitors might keep in mind that a couple of years ago we discovered a set of infant squirrels at our residence. Afraid our pet dogs will find the squirrels, I needed to decide to promptly get the squirrels with my bare hands– however it would truly have actually been far better to have actually had SHIELD handwear covers!

” SHIELD hand handwear covers contributed in over 650 wild animals saves in 2020,” states Ben Nuckolls, ofCalifornia Wildlife Encounters “These are definitely the very best handwear covers.” “SHIELD handwear covers are a Fear Free Preferred Product,” includedCatena

ArmOR gloves for animal handlers

“Due to their remarkable versatility as well as mastery they work with low-stress pet dealing with strategies that can not be attained with cumbersome “welders” handwear covers. These handwear covers offer the utmost security, expense financial savings as well as low-stress handling.”

I’m so delighted with our SHIELD handwear covers as well as recognize we will certainly obtain a Great Deal Of usage out of them with our pet dogs as well as even more. Now we wish to hand out a readied to one fortunate viewers!

Enter to Win SHIELD Gloves!

ArmOR pet gloves giveaway

Protect on your own when dealing with pet dogs– get in to win a set of SHIELD handwear covers of your very own! This free gift is open to United States mailing addresses. Good good luck!

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