May 21, 2024


By 4Paws, a leading supplier of family pet insurance coverage for canines, felines and also bunnies.

It’s obvious that the pandemic has actually had an extensive effect on people, households and also organizations right throughout the UK.

Cat charities and also organisations, specifically, have actually been dramatically influenced by constraints– incapable to invite existing and also potential feline fans right into their rescue centres, sanctuaries, charity stores and also even more.

Remarkably, nevertheless, this hasn’t quit Brits taking on furry, four-legged felines right into their households in document numbers. Let’s have a look at some one-of-a-kind understandings right into lockdown feline possession.

More households are currently feline proprietors– and also these are one of the most prominent sorts of feline

Comparing the lockdown duration with the previous twelve month, quotes for feline insurance coverage boosted by over 9.6%.

When it involves the sort of feline, the huge bulk cross and also mixed-breed felines– or, as we much more generally recognize them, ‘moggies’. Pedigree felines are much much less typical than their canine matchings.

In reality, moggies, cross-breeds and also various other sorts of mixed-breed feline represented 73.8% of all feline insurance coverage estimates throughout the March 2020–February 2021 duration. As for the pure types, the British Shorthair covered the lockdown pedigree pussycat appeal surveys, adhered to by the Shorthair Tabby and also the Ragdoll.

The leading 10 most prominent pedigree feline types in the UK:

1. British Shorthair

2. American Shorthair

3. Ragdoll

4. Bengal

5. Maine Coon

6. Persian

7. Siamese

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8. Russian Blue

9. Sphynx

10. Scottish Fold

[Caption: The British Shorthair, Britain’s most popular pedigree cat.]

Cat prices are up throughout the board

One outcome of boosted need for feline possession: boosted connected prices with involving possess a cat.

When asking for a pet dog insurance coverage quote, proprietors supply an expense spent for their feline. Taken entirely, this information reveals that the ordinary cost of buying a moggie boosted by 35.3% from March 2020–Feb 2021, from ₤ 59.61 to ₤ 80.66.

The increased prices for moggies might mirror a blend of boosted need, added running prices for rescue centres along with minimized charity revenue throughout the pandemic.

The most costly sorts of feline as exposed by the information are, unsurprisingly, pedigrees. Although several sanctuaries do rescue and also rehome pedigrees, a multitude are elevated by dog breeders to be offered.

The leading 10 most costly pedigree feline types in the UK:

1. Sphynx– ₤ 818

2. Scottish Fold– ₤ 740

3. Russian Blue– ₤ 674

4. British Blue Shorthair– ₤ 634

5. Snow Leopard Bengal– ₤ 567

6. Ragdoll– ₤ 561

7. Maine Coon– ₤ 529

8. Bengal– ₤ 472

9. British Shorthair– ₤ 331

10. Persian– ₤ 302

[Caption: The coatless Sphynx topped the pedigree feline charts as the most expensive breed.]

The most prominent pedigree– the British Shorthair– boosted in price generally by 38.5%, from ₤ 239 to ₤ 331. The ordinary price of a Ragdoll, an additional prominent type, rose by ₤ 133 from (₤ 428 to ₤ 561), or 31.1%, certainly as an outcome of boosted need.

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Very unusual types– those with less than 1000 quotes for the entire year– are not consisted of in this information to stay clear of skewing.

Richard Sharman, Commercial Director at 4Paws, commented: “Clearly, several households in the UK have actually taken the chance provided by lockdown to understand their feline possession fantasizes– it’s interesting to see the photo repainted out in numbers. The job of charities, sanctuaries and also rescue centres in assisting our hairy feline pals to locate brand-new houses, despite the pandemic, is mind-blowing.”